Kelsie Whitmore Becomes The 1st Woman To Start An Atlantic League Baseball Game

Kelsie Whitmore played left field and batted 10th for the Staten Island FerryHawks on Sunday, turning into the principal lady to begin a game in the Atlantic League and one of the first to do as such in an association associated with Major League Baseball.

The 23-year-old Whitmore broke director Edgardo Alfonzo’s setup for the FerryHawks’ down at the Gastonia Honey Hunters. 먹튀사이트

Whitmore, a right-given hitter, struck out in her first at-bat. She was hit by a contribute the second — she hustled toward a respectable starting point in the wake of being struck in the arm by a breaking pitch — and flied out to solidly in her third time up.

Whitmore had recently fallen off the seat for Staten Island, making her introduction on April 21 at Charleston as a squeeze sprinter with two outs in the 10th inning.

Whitmore is a two-way player and has been working with pitching mentor and previous major leaguer Nelson Figueroa, yet she’s yet to contribute a game for Staten Island.

A previous school softball player at Cal State Fullerton, Whitmore endorsed with Staten Island this month, one of a few prominent minutes for ladies in baseball this season.

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Last month, San Francisco Giants mentor Alyssa Nakken filled in as a respectable starting point mentor, turning into the principal lady to mentor on the field for a major association game. A couple of days before that, Rachel Balkovec won her presentation dealing with the Low-A Tampa Tarpons in the New York Yankees’ framework, turning into the primary lady to captain a group partnered with a significant association club.

Whitmore contributed and played the outfield for the U.S. Ladies’ ball club from 2014-19 and enjoyed pieces of two seasons with the Sonoma Stompers of the autonomous Pacific Association.

Atlantic League groups are not major association offshoots, yet the circuit is a MLB accomplice association. It’s a move forward in quality from the Pacific Association.

“I’m appreciative for every one of the valuable open doors I’ve been given,” Whitmore expressed before the season. “This one, by a wide margin, I’m truly anticipating, on the grounds that it’s next level for me.”

Undoubtedly two different ladies have played in an association with an association with MLB: Lee Anne Ketcham and Julie Croteau were on the Maui Stingrays in the Hawaiian Winter Baseball League in 1994.

“Playing baseball at the most significant level is my objective,” Whitmore said. “You know, assuming you ask whatever other person that will be in the association what his objective is, it’s exactly the same thing, to get to a higher level and play at the most elevated level I might actually play at.

“Ultimately, I need to play in associated ball. I need to make this game my profession, my living, and just, be a piece of it however much I can.”

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