Hyderabad: Teenager Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances At Moghalpura

Hyderabad: A youngster passed on under dubious conditions while playing volley ball at Moghalpura on Saturday night. 신규사이트

As per the police, Mohd Nawaz (14), a Class IX understudy of government school inhabited Alijah Kotla alongside his relatives. Around 12 PM on Saturday, the kid purportedly fell while playing volley ball. On coming to be aware of this, his folks surged him to Osmania General Hospital where specialists articulated him dead. The relatives of the kid let the police know that Nawaz was noticing quick since the start of the long stretch of Ramzan and could have kicked the bucket because of lack of hydration.

“There are no outside wounds on the body to show that he was gone after. Anyway we have doubt on the conditions prompting the demise as various forms are coming. A case was reserved and we are anticipating the post-mortem report,” said an authority of Moghalpura police headquarters.

The body was given over to the relatives on Sunday after posthumous assessment.

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