Corey Anderson: Was told I beat Vadim Nemkov to win $1 million, Bellator grand prix before no-contest ruling

Corey Anderson ascended on the enclosure to celebrate. His family was going off the deep end in the stands. Anderson had turned into the Bellator light heavyweight champion, a competition champ and the beneficiary of $1 million.

Anderson let ESPN on Monday know that he was at first told by various individuals inside the enclosure that he had beaten Vadim Nemkov to come out on top for the Bellator light heavyweight championship, the Bellator Light Heavyweight World Grand Prix and the $1 million competition prize. However at that point, Anderson was educated by official Frank Trigg that the session was really administered a no challenge and Anderson would leave with nothing.스포츠토토

“I bounce on the enclosure, I get energized,” Anderson said. “My mother is crying. My family in the group is bouncing around. Out of nowhere, I bounce down from the enclosure and you see the [$1 million] really look at strolling down the steps. Out of nowhere, the ref returns and lets me know there’s [five] seconds left and you need to go the entire way to the furthest limit of the third round to be pronounced the champ.”

The decision came because of an illicit conflict of heads. Nemkov was cut severely to his left side eyebrow, which constrained Trigg to stop the battle. However, rather than going to the cards where Anderson was ahead it was known as a no challenge, per the Unified Rules of MMA. Trigg halted the session at 4:55 of the third round. On the off chance that the battle had gone into the fourth round and finished in a unintentional foul, it would have gone to a specialized choice.

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