US astronaut ends record spaceflight with Russian ride home

A NASA space traveler got a Russian ride back to Earth on Wednesday after a U.S. record 355 days at the International Space Station, getting back with two cosmonauts to a world destroyed by war.메이저사이트

Mark Vande Hei arrived in a Soyuz case in Kazakhstan close by the Russian Space Agency’s Pyotr Dubrov, who likewise spent the previous year in space, and Anton Shkaplerov. Wind blew the container onto its side following score, and the threesome arose into the late evening sun individually.

Regardless of heightening strains between the U.S. what’s more, Russia over Vladimir Putin’s conflict with Ukraine, Vande Hei’s return followed standard methodology. A little NASA group of specialists and other staff was available for the score and intended to return promptly to Houston with the 55-year-old space traveler.

Indeed, even before Russia’s Feb. 24 intrusion of Ukraine, Vande Hei said he was staying away from the subject with his two Russian crewmates. Notwithstanding getting along “incredibly. I don’t know we truly need to go there,” he said.

It was the principal taste of gravity for Vande Hei and Dubrov since their Soyuz send off on April 9 last year. Shkaplerov went along with them at the circling lab in October, accompanying a Russian film team up for a concise stay. To oblige that visit, Vande Hei and Dubrov multiplied the length of their visit.

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