Kidnapped Ukrainian mayor freed in ‘special operation,’ officials say

Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov was liberated from imprisonment in a “exceptional activity,” as indicated by Kirilo Timoshenko, a consultant to Ukraine’s official office. Timoshenko gave no further subtleties.

Melitopol has been involved since the principal days of Russia’s attack. Ukrainian authorities said Fedorov, who had demanded that the southeastern Ukrainian city stay free and upheld everyday favorable to Ukrainian fights, was hijacked on March 11 in the wake of opposing takeover.스포츠토토

Fedorov vanished after he was purportedly shown being driven away with a sack over his head by a huge gathering of vigorously furnished Russian officers in Melitopol’s Victory Square in a CCTV video shared by Timoshenko on Telegram. Russian-controlled separatists then, at that point, declared they were bringing charges against Fedorov for “helping illegal intimidation.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivered a video of himself on Telegram Wednesday allegedly chatting on the telephone with Fedorov. The city hall leader expressed gratitude toward Zelenskyy and said he wanted two or three days to recuperate from his experience and afterward would be prepared to satisfy any requests.

“We have at long last figured out how to let the city hall leader of Melitopol out of bondage,” he said. “Ivan Fedorov is free. I conversed with him today. The Russian military stole him on March 11, attempting to convince him to team up. In any case, our man endured. He didn’t surrender. Similarly as we as a whole persevere.”

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