THROWBACK: When BTS’ V opened up about wanting to be ‘close friends with ARMY’

We are glancing back at December 2021, when BTS alum V addressed Vogue Korea and got serious about his adoration and kinship for BTS being a fan ARMY, his excursion as a craftsman, and significantly more. Discussing his dynamic character, V shared “My MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) got going as E (extraversion), however it as of late different to I (contemplation).

I heard that the contrast between the two is huge. I don’t think this change is terrible. I’ve gotten the ability to judge what’s set in stone. This is on the grounds that individuals around me helped, so I had the option to develop. I think I’ll crash oftentimes from now on and get injured, however I’m not frightened. What’s most significant is the way I act in that circumstance.”스포츠토토

V additionally uncovered, “When there’s something annoying me, I continually concentration and set forth energy to beat that. For instance, on the off chance that I drench myself into an inclination, I make a melody regarding it. Whether or not it’s a decent tune, it implies that one melody has been finished. That feeling of achievement assists with easing my aggravation and inconveniences.”

Discussing the staggering accomplishment of the Bangtan Boys, V said, “I really do likewise have faith in destiny. Notwithstanding, could I have turned into an artist like I am presently assuming I return to some time in the past? That may not be the situation. That is the reason I consider this karma that resembles a breeze. Since we got going at a little organization, something strong inside us shaped. My outlook has changed a ton also. From those times, I considered the individuals another family.”

Getting serious about his adoration for ARMY and the sort of relationship he needs to encourage with his fan base, V said: “I need to be dear companions with ARMY with no stores. That is on the grounds that at whatever point I get a worry or something occurs, I talk regarding it on Weverse. With regards to fans, yet with everything, I would rather not approach it with a business outlook. I take pictures since I like it, I work on something since I like it, and I approach first since they’re individuals I like. Now and then you really want a business attitude, however I’m bad at that. That is my shortcoming.”

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