Brave Girls confirmed to be preparing for March comeback

South Korean young lady bunch Brave Girls is equipping to deliver new music! On February 21, Brave Entertainment affirmed the news, sharing, “Valiant Girls is getting ready to make a rebound in March.” If the young lady bunch returns one month from now as arranged, this will be their first delivery in around seven months, following their repackaged collection delivered last year in August.

Moreover, Mnet additionally affirmed on February 21, that Brave Girls will be important for the setup for the second period of its famous rebound endurance show, ‘Queendom’. The young lady gathering will be taking part in the show close by VIVIZ, LOONA, WJSN, Kep1er, and previous SISTAR part and soloist, Hyolyn, with Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon as the MC.메이저놀이터

Valiant Girls initially appeared in April 2011 under Brave Entertainment, with their single collection, The Difference. Last year, a fan alter of Brave Girls’ 2017 track Rollin’ became famous online, carrying unexpected prominence to the gathering almost 10 years after their introduction. The tune presented to them their first music show win, breaking the record of the longest measure of time from introduction to the primary music show win for a young lady bunch.

The group of four’s repackaged collection, After ‘We Ride’ is their latest delivery, dropped in August 2021. A repackage of Brave Girls’ collection Summer Queen, After ‘We Ride’ incorporates an aggregate of four tracks, including Alcohol Habits (After ‘We Ride’) (strict interpretation), Chi Mat Ba Ram (Acoustic Version), FEVER (Remix), and Summer By Myself (Piano Version).

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