All of Us Are Dead: The new obsession or a zombie overload?

'All of Us Are Dead' poster

Netflix Korea has done it once more! What you might inquire? They’ve felt free to deliver one more banger as a zombie end of the world experience, this time through the eyes of high schoolers frantically attempting to save their lives.

Delivered on January 28, ‘We all Are Dead’ has gotten the eyes of the crowds who have been hanging tight for another frigid experience. Also this one conveys, in an evil and nearly gag-full demonstration of blood.안전놀이터

Assuming control over the patterns and individuals’ psyches with its stunning scenes that have turned into the focal point of most conversations, fans have blended sentiments on the acclaim and importance of the show.

While some stowed it as simply one more shrieking gonner, some hailed its jaw-lumpiness despite death. A few got down on its sexualisation of attack and harassing and the others documented it under an intense endeavor for crudeness.

The this way and that has just worked in the blessing of the show which has now turned into all the rage. The ‘It’ swarm is alluding to every one of the ‘We all Are Dead’ images and it’s not past the point where it is possible to get up to speed. The first webtoon, ‘Presently at Our School’ (exacting interpretation) was written by Joo Dong Geun and is being helmed by chief Lee Jae Gyoo who is by all accounts astounded by the abrupt love for the show.

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