Sony halts future orders for the a7C and a6600, Also Discontinues a7 II and a6100

Sony, Mirrorless Camera, Chip Shortage

Because of the continuous chip deficiency, Sony Japan has declared that the development of two additional cameras will be stopped. As a finish of-life measure, Sony Japan has affirmed that it will never again create one more pair of cameras.

As per an assertion on Sony Japan’s site, orders for the a7C full-outline mirrorless camera and the a6600 APS-C mirrorless camera are done being satisfied on the grounds that ‘there is a postponement in obtainment of parts for advanced imaging items because of the worldwide lack of semiconductors.’ ‘also, a few orders will be suspended,’ 스포츠토토

Sony says, suggesting that current orders may not be satisfied. Sony Japan says it will stay up with the latest on supply status by means of item pages on its site.

The a7C and the a6600 are both new cameras, having been delivered in the final part of 2020. Thus, Sony’s choice to deteriorate these models comes as somewhat of a shock. Sony is probably taking this action to guide chips to its better quality (and along these lines more costly) full-outline camera frameworks, for example, the a7 IV, a1 and a7S III models.

Sony likewise affirmed that the a7 II and a6100 camera frameworks will at this point not be created in a similar declaration. Sony quit taking requests for both of these camera models in mid-November, refering to inventory network issues.

Sony presently guarantees that there is “no possibility of future parts” for these cameras. Thus, to get your hands on an a7 II or a6100, you ought to do as such in the near future, on the grounds that no more will be made after December 23, 2021.

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