Damon Albarn Insists Taylor Swift ‘Doesn’t Write Her Own Songs,’ But He Likes Billie Eilish’s Songwriting

Damon Albarn: "Taylor Swift doesn't write her own songs – co-writing is  very different" | Flipboard

The previous summer, the National Music Publishers Association regarded Taylor Swift with the Songwriter Icon Award. It’s muddled the way in which Swift was proclaimed the beneficiary of that prize, yet anyway that cycle went, Damon Albarn likely wasn’t required, as he doesn’t really accept that that Swift really keeps in touch with her own melodies. 토토사이트

In another Los Angeles Times meet, the Gorillaz pioneer talked with regards to how he tracks down that playing in a band (instead of performing solo) is “not hard,” saying, “You can take cover behind nothing. You realize whether the melodies are any great or regardless of whether they were famous at the time on account of the sound and the demeanor.”

That incited a discussion about specialists depending on “sound and mentality” and the questioner referenced Swift (as someone who isn’t that way), referring to her as “an amazing lyricist.” Albarn answered, “She doesn’t keep in touch with her own melodies.” The questioner countered, “obviously she does. Co-keeps in touch with some of them.” To that, Albarn answered by differing and taking note of that he loves Billie Eilish and Finneas as musicians:

“That doesn’t count. I know what co-composing is. Co-composing is totally different to composing. I’m not detesting on anyone, I’m trying to say there’s a major distinction between a musician and a lyricist who co-composes. Doesn’t imply that the result can’t be truly incredible. Also probably the best vocalists – I mean, Ella Fitzgerald never composed a tune in her life. At the point when I sing, I need to shut my eyes and simply be in there. I guess I’m a conservative in that sense.

A truly fascinating lyricist is Billie Eilish and her sibling. I’m more drawn to that than to Taylor Swift. It’s simply more obscure – less unendingly cheery. Way more minor and odd. I believe she’s uncommon.”

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