Dear Oppa: A Trinidadian V.I.P Wishes BIGBANG’s G Dragon Continues To ‘inspire, Create And Be Great’

G-Dragon Surpasses 10 Million Followers On Instagram | Soompi

Kwon Ji Yong likewise known by his stage name G-Dragon, is a South Korean rapper, artist musician, record maker, business visionary and style planner, known as the ‘Ruler of K-pop’. G-Dragon authoritatively appeared in 2006, as the head of the South Korean gathering, BIGBANG, which proceeded to become one of the most mind-blowing selling teeny-bopper groups on the planet. 검증사이트

The present inspiring letter in our Dear Oppa series has been written by Dee from Trinidad and Tobago to BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. Peruse her letter underneath.

Dear Oppa Kwon Ji Yong,

I needed to tell you I’m so intrigued with you and all your astounding achievements. You extraordinarily affect the K-Pop industry and made ready for such countless other extraordinary icons. I simply need you to realize that you’ve roused the K-pop industry as well as you’ve arrived at many lives abroad. It is my fantasy and want to one day meet you and bow before you to show my extraordinary appreciation and profound respect for you. I realize you may never peruse this letter, however even me simply composing this causes me to feel nearer to you as though you were perusing as I compose this. My desire for you is to keep on moving, make and be the incredible individual that you are. I totally love you and can hardly wait for your return. May you proceed to succeed and God keep on offering favors to you.


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