Britney Spears Sends Cease-and-Desist Letter To Jamie Lynn Spears Over “Fantastical Grievances”

In an order to shut everything down dated Jan. 17 and acquired by The Hollywood Reporter, Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart has requested Jamie Lynn stop “freely circulating bogus or fantastical complaints” concerning Britney while Jamie Lynn advances her new book, Things I Should Have Said. 안전놀이터

“We compose with some dithering on the grounds that the last thing Britney needs is to carry more regard for your not well planned book and its deceptive or unbelievable cases about her,” Rosengart’s letter starts.

Subsequent to recognizing that Britney “has not perused and doesn’t mean” to peruse the diary, Rosengart affirms Jamie Lynn is taking advantage of her sister for financial increase with the book, notwithstanding knowing about misuse Britney suffered while under the conservatorship.

“Openly circulating bogus or fantastical complaints is off-base, particularly when intended to sell books. It is likewise possibly unlawful and slanderous,” the letter states at a certain point.

Rosengart closes the letter highlighting one more open explanation supposedly made by Jamie Lynn, in which the Sweet Magnolias star says her diary isn’t about her more seasoned sister.

“She trusts you and we, thusly, request that you cut it out from referring to Britney slanderously during your special mission,” the letter finishes up, prior to stating legitimate move might be made “assuming you neglect to do as such or stigmatize her.”

The letter was dated only a day prior Jamie Lynn’s meeting for Spotify’s Call Her Daddy digital broadcast dropped. During the hourlong discussion, the more youthful Spears told have Alex Cooper that “it was so cool” she saw Britney “experience her fantasies” however “consistently felt like a bit of hindsight” corresponding to her sister, so she “just figured out how to avoid the way.”

As a component of her press visit, Jamie Lynn likewise plunked down on Jan. 12 with ABC News’ Juju Chang for both Good Morning America and Nightline to talk about extracts from and claims made inside her journal. That incorporates a depiction of a portion of Britney’s conduct during Jamie Lynn’s youth as “flighty,” however Jamie Lynn declined to talk more on the way in which things are presently.

Jamie Lynn additionally denied knowing much with regards to Britney’s 13-year conservatorship, which finished in November 2021, following charges by Britney that her privileges were being disregarded and that her family was benefitting from her popularity and monetary achievement.

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