Zayn Malik Cheated On Gigi Hadid With TOWIE Star Abigail Clarke & Their Fifty Shades Of Grey Kind Affair?

In any case, Abigail didn’t realize that Zayn was still with Gigi. She addressed a companion and shared some understanding insights concerning her Fifty Shades Of Gray sort of sentiment with the previous One Direction part.

The Sun has acquired all the data from the companion, who informed that Zayn Malik and Abigail Clarke met at a club in Los Angeles. While it isn’t clear when the episode occurred, she informed that the vocalist was all the while dating Gigi Hadid around then. 토토사이트

Abigail Clarke let her companion know that she and Zayn Malik cavorted in his “prison like” room in Barnet, North London. “I called him my ‘Mr Gray’. We lived it up together,” she clarified of their Fifty Shades Of Gray sentiment.

In any case, Abigail found out with regards to Gigi when she saw a message on his telephone from the supermodel that read, “I miss you.”

“I felt awful. I thought he and Gigi were finished. I would have rather not be his other lady so eased off. I felt so grieved,” the TOWIE star imparted to her companion.

Simply not that, Clarke even said that Zayn felt she was ‘his sort’ and truly enjoyed ‘her figure.’ Malik additionally supposedly continued to tell her that Abigail helped him to remember his ex-life partner, Perrie Edwards.

Zayn Malik has up until this point stayed quiet on the matter.

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