Galaxy S22 Ultra Shows Off Its Cameras In Leaked Ad

Galaxy S22 Ultra shows off its cameras in leaked ad - SlashGear

The spilled banner comes from Let’s Go Digital, which has been the wellspring of a few Galaxy S22 Ultra holes as yet. How about we Go Digital got the banner from an anonymous source, with the site saying that while it can’t intricate further on where the banner came from, it can affirm that it is an authority promoting picture.

Accepting this banner is without a doubt official and thusly exact, it affirms a few major things about the S22 Ultra. Most importantly, confirm can’t help suspecting that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will accompany a S Pen as a norm in-box extra.메이저사이트

Despite the fact that the banner doesn’t show us the S Pen lodging on the lower part of the telephone, Let’s Go Digital cases it’s there, and the way that the S Pen is portrayed on promoting for the S22 Ultra recommends it is also.

The central issue is what will befall the Galaxy Note on the off chance that the S Pen turns into a standard component for very good quality Galaxy S gadgets. While past Galaxy S telephones have upheld the S Pen, they haven’t come loaded with it, leaving space for the Galaxy Note. Since it might come as an in-box embellishment for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, will we see the Galaxy Note get extracted from its own specialty?

Another intriguing thing this banner uncovers is the back camera exhibit of the S22 Ultra and the S22 Plus. Delivers and faker gadgets at first showed that the S22 Ultra had a raised camera lodging, however we’re not seeing that in this banner. All things considered, there’s no camera cluster knock of any importance – while it appears to be that the singular camera focal points somewhat project from the telephone’s body, it isn’t actually articulated.

This has all the earmarks of being valid whether we’re discussing the S22 Ultra or the S22 Plus. Rumors from far and wide suggest that the S22 Plus, alongside the standard Galaxy S22, will don a triple-camera arrangement involved a 50MP wide-point primary focal point, a 12MP super wide camera, and a 12MP zoom camera – genuinely standard stuff for leader telephones. The S22 Ultra, then again, will have a 108MP essential camera assembled with a 12MP super wide camera and two 10MP cameras to deal with optical zoom.

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