Lucky Daye Gets Sultry With New Song And Album ‘Candy Drip’

Fortunate Daye dropped his most recent single, “Sweets Drip,” on Monday, prodding his sophomore collection by the name, out in the spring of 2022. A steamy tune with a sincere bass, the track features Daye’s particular smooth sound and sees what he has coming up for audience members in the new year.

“White dress, how’d he get between us?/Pretty white dress, trust no one see us,” Daye murmurs, admission like, on the right around five-short lived track. The instrumental has a heavenly vibe that likewise borders funk. In a past meet with Rolling Stone, Daye says his way to deal with music “was rarely about fitting in.”

“There’s a great deal of pattern following,” he said. “Furthermore it’s fine for a smidgen, however when things change up, individuals get neglected. Furthermore no one needs to be neglected.”먹튀검증사이트

If “Candy Drip” is any sign, Daye is set on additional cutting out his own space in the R&B kind. Also his one of a kind style is a hit. Simply take a gander at the 4 million streams his tracks get each month on Spotify and his stuffed stable of teammates, including R&B legends like Alicia Keys and Khalid.

The six-time Grammy-selected craftsman — who was as of late named for Best Progressive R&B Album for his 2021 EP Table For Two and Best Traditional R&B Performance for his melody “The amount Can A Heart Take” — delivered the single “Over” in September.

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