St. Francis’ Dominant Second Half Leads It Past Chaparral And Into Semifinals

The St. Francis Golden Knights utilized an incredible ball control offense and a ruling second half guard in overcoming the host Chaparral Pumas 28-14 in a CIF-SS Division 4 quarterfinal football match-up Friday night.

With the success, St. Francis (9-2) advances to its first elimination round beginning around 2017, where it will have La Serna next Friday. The Golden Knights scored scores on their initial three drives of the game, held the ball for more than 33 minutes, and permitted the Pumas just 54 yards of offense in the subsequent half.검증사이트

Chaparral (7-5) leaped out to a mid 7-0 lead as running back Hunter Roddy completed a nine-play, 81-yard drive with a 1-yard score run.

In any case, St. Francis replied, going 69 yards on 11 plays. Quarterback Jack Jacobs tied the game 7-7 on a 1-yard run with three minutes left in the principal quarter.

Subsequent to driving Chaparral to turn the ball over on downs on the St. Francis 20-yard line, the Golden Knights took a 14-7 lead when Jacobs associated with beneficiary Dylan Bell on a 45-yard score. Nonetheless, on the following hostile play, Chaparral running back Devyne Pearson ran 72 yards to tie the game 14-14.

After St. Francis took a 21-14 lead on Max Garrison’s 2-yard score run, guarded back Diego Jimenez captured quarterback Dash Beierly on the Golden Knights 5-yard line with one moment staying in the half.

In the second from last quarter, St. Francis faked a dropkick, however the Pumas didn’t nibble, bringing about a 9-yard misfortune. On fourth and 2 from the Golden Knight 38, Roddy was full for a 1-yard misfortune. St. Francis would then go 61 yards on 11 plays and Jacobs would score again from the 1 for a 28-14 lead.

The Pumas then, at that point, headed to the St. Francis 38 with five minutes to go, however a Beierly pass fell fragmented. St. Francis ran out the clock by running nine sequential running plays.

Jacobs finished the late evening finishing 8 of 11 passes for 139 yards and included 90 yards 23 conveys. Post drove St. Francis on the ground, acquiring 118 yards on 21 conveys.

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