Leslie Bricusse Dies: Oscar-Winning ‘Doctor Dolittle’, ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Willy Wonka’ Songwriter Was 90

Leslie Bricusse, the lyricist for film and stage whose broad list of hits and norms incorporates “The Candy Man” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, “Converse with the Animals” from Doctor Dolittle and “What Kind of Fool Am I?” from Stop the World – I Want to Get Off, passed on Tuesday. He was 90.

His demise was reported today by child Adam Bricusse in a Facebook post. A reason for death was not indicated.온라인카지노

“My Dearest Father died calmly today,” Adam Bricusse composed. “Kindly raise a glass for him.”

“One the monster lyricists within recent memory,” composed entertainer Joan Collins, his long-term companion and previous spouse of his songwriting accomplice Anthony Newley, in a Facebook post, “essayist of #candyman #goldfinger among such countless different hits, and my extraordinary companion Leslie Bricusse has unfortunately kicked the bucket today. He and his excellent Evie have been a major part of my life for more than 50 years. I will miss him frightfully, as will his numerous companions.”

Known for his joint efforts with Newley, Sammy Davis Jr., John Barry and Henry Mancini, Bricusse composed or co-composed such now-exemplary film or stage tunes as “Goldfinger,” a hit for Shirley Bassey in 1964, and two hits sung by Davis including “The Candy Man” (from 1971’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), and “What Kind Of Fool Am I?” (from 1961’s Broadway hit Stop the World – I Want to Get Off).

Bricusse won his first Oscar for 1967’s “Converse with the Animals” from Doctor Dolittle and his second for co-composing with Mancini the score for 1982’s Victor/Victoria, including that melodic’s most famous tune “Le Jazz Hot!”

A halfway rundown of movies with tunes composed or co-composed by Bricusse likewise incorporates Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969), Scrooge (1970), Beyond the Rainbow (1978) and Hook (1991). Broadway credits incorporate Stop the World – I Want to Get Off (1961), Pickwick (1963), The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd (1965), Jekyll and Hyde (1997) and the stage variations of Victor/Victoria (1995) and Willy Wonka, retitled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2017).

Brought into the world in Pinner, North West London, Bricusse went to Cambridge prior to setting out on an expert stage composing profession that would start decisively with his 1961 joint effort with Newley, Stop the World – I Want to Get Off. The score included what might turn into an enormous hit and present day standard in “What Kind Of Fool Am I?,” recorded by Newley and, in the most famous variant, Davis. The stage melodic was adjusted for film in 1966.

Ensuing coordinated efforts with Newley incorporated The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the last option highlighting the breakout hit “The Candy Man,” which became, similar to “What Kind Of Fool Am I?” before it, a mark tune for Davis. “What Kind Of Fool Am I?” won the Grammy for Song of the Year in 1963.

Bricusse co-composed two tunes for the James Bond establishment that became hits: “Goldfinger,” regularly viewed as the best of the Bond topics, and, in 1967, the title tune “You Only Live Twice,” recorded by Nancy Sinatra. Two melodies from Goodbye Mr. Chips became hits for Petula Clark: “Fill the World With Love” and “You and I.”

Other critical film melodies incorporate “Many thanks” from Scrooge and, with Mancini, “Two for the Road” from the 1967 film of a similar name. In one more productive joint effort (with John Williams), Bricusse co-stated “Would you be able to Read My Mind” from Superman (1978), “Some place in My Memory” from Home Alone (1990), “When You’re Alone” from Hook (1991) and “Christmas at Hogwarts” from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001).

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