Song Joong Ki Shock: Song Hye Kyo’s Ex Surprises His Best Friend, Shows Love 2PM Junho And The Red Sleeve Cuff Cast

Melody Joong Ki is known as perhaps the best K-show actor of his age. Other than his appealing looks, the previous spouse of Song Hye Kyo is additionally famous for his successful depiction of his jobs like Captain Yoo Shi Jin in Descendants of the Sun and Vincenzo Cassano or Park Joo Hyung in Vincenzo.

Something else Song Joong Ki is famous for is his nearby and smart kinship with other South Korean stars. The 36-year-old K-dramatization entertainer regularly offers a few courtesies and shocks to show his affection and reverences to his co-specialists.

As of late, Song Joong Ki did one more act of kindness to one of his nearby buddies, 2PM part Junho. Continue to peruse to know more subtleties.추천픽

Tune Joong Ki Showed Support To 2PM Member Junho

2PM part Junho was incandescently happy after he got a lovely amazement from his dearest companion, Song Joong Ki. It was accounted for that the ex-playmate of Song Hye Kyo sent a food truck to the arrangement of Junho’s approaching new K-show named The Red Sleeve Cuff.

Eager adherents of 2PM part Junho saw that the food truck was embellished with standards, containing a warm message from the Arthdal Chronicles lead entertainer. “I support all cast and staff of The Red Sleeve Cuff, from Song Joong Ki,” the printed message read.

Photographs of the food truck Song Joong Ki shipped off The Red Sleeve Cuff set made rounds on the web. One snap included some photographs of 2PM part Junho finished in the food corner.

The Red Sleeve Cuff is an anecdotal show that focuses on the romantic tale of Lee San or Yi San, who later becomes King Jeongjo of Joseon. He will likewise seek after his dearest courtesan named Royal Noble Consort Sung. The unavoidable K-show is set to debut on Nov. 5, 2021, and will be accessible on Viki.

First off, Song Joong Ki and 2PM part Junho have been companions for a long while presently. The pair initially met on the KBS theatrical presentation named Let’s Go Dream Team in 2009.

Tune Joong Ki Wins Big At 2021 Seoul International Drama Awards

In the mean time, Song Joong Ki is the current year’s Outstanding Korean Actor during the 2021 Seoul International Drama Awards. The ex-admirer of Song Hye Kyo earned the honor for his excellent presentation in the hit tvN and Netflix series Vincenzo.

Beside Song Joong Ki, Bae Suzy was additionally declared the Outstanding Korean Actress for Start-Up. Sadly, the two K-show stars neglected to go to the lofty function.

The Vincenzo series, which featured Song Joong Ki, won the Excellent Korea Drama grant while Missing Child caught the current year’s Daesang or Grand Prize. The triumph of the JTBC series is viewed as the first time in quite a while for a South Korean TV dramatization series to win the honor since the 2021 SBS show called Deep Rooted Tree.

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