San Miguel Pale Pilsen Releases Limited-Edition Larry Alcala X Rob Cham IconiCan

This Holiday season, to honor the brand’s ageless taste and mark style, San Miguel Pale Pilsen consolidates exemplary with contemporary through its restricted release IconiCan.

Uniting lager darlings through imagination, the IconiCan is a result of an intriguing coordinated effort between two honor winning visual specialists, the late publication illustrator Larry Alcala and promoted realistic writer Rob Cham.추천픽

Alcala was granted the title of National Artist for Visual Arts after death for his assortment of work all through his 56 years of cartooning. During his time, his outlines reflected everyday life, loaded up with exhilaration and humor.

Scratched in the personalities of Filipinos, Alcala’s works chronicled the country’s set of experiences including the subjects that transformed Pinoy culture, one of which is SanMiguel Pale Pilsen.

An artist and comic book maker, Cham has gotten the National Book Award for his work on his realistic novel Light. The youthful craftsman imparts his opinions through fascinating and deep visuals that fuse mainstream society into universes that catch contemporary feel.

Both great artists in their individual occasions, Alcala and Cham deftly reflects the Filipino lifestyle with the strokes of their pens. Set one next to the other and folded over a San Miguel Pale Pilsen can, crafted by these heavenly craftsmen feature happy occasions with the exemplary blend.

The IconiCan interfaces individuals along with San Miguel Pale Pilsen, impeccably exemplifying the brand’s message of “Kahit Kailan, Walang Iwanan”.

Each restricted version Larry Alcala X Rob Cham IconiCan is set apart with a San Miguel Pale Pilsen Samahan QR code. Output the code to join great many other Pale Pilsen fans and get updates and warnings about the brand’s projects and promotions.

Get the IconiCan toncollect and appreciate or get the IconiCan 6-pack to give as an ideal BEERegalo for these special seasons.

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