Gong Yoo Reveals How He Now Chooses His Roles Differently From Before

Gong Yoo, who will beauty the front of the magazine’s October issue, shared that his needs as an entertainer have changed over the long run.

The star commented, “After my twenties and thirties, the wellspring of solidarity that drives me as an entertainer is evolving.”신규사이트

“Previously, what started things out were my stresses over what my person resembled and the proper behavior out my job,” he said. “Yet, presently, those worries have been flipped around. Rather than those concerns, I invest additional time pondering what sort of effect I can have on this venture, what sort of effect my job has on different characters, and regardless of whether my energy will be passed on.”

Gong Yoo proceeded to uncover that the general message of a task has become more imperative to him when he picks his jobs.

“In any event, when I pick projects,” he clarified, “if previously, I just took a gander at my own person, I’m currently more inspired by the thing the makers are attempting to say through this task and what sort of proclamation they need to make.”

Gong Yoo likewise discussed his new YouTube recordings, which have acquired ubiquity for showing a brief look at his regular side.

“I don’t have a content or design or any plans,” he shared. “I simply turn on the camera toward the beginning of the day and film in a continuous flow style. I need to show myself precisely as I am.”

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