Korean Girl Group Twice’s Jeongyeon On Second Hiatus Due To Mental Health Issues

Top South Korean girl group Twice’s Jeongyeon is taking a break from all activities indefinitely due to “panic and psychological anxiety”, according to their management agency, JYP Entertainment.

In a statement on Wednesday (Aug 18), it said: “Although Jeongyeon was moving forward with her schedule by simultaneously taking action for recovery, we value our artists’ health as the most important issue.

“Therefore, after deep discussions internally accompanied by professional medical measures, we have decided that it is needed for Jeongyeon to have sufficient time to focus on her recovery and rest.” 추천픽

This was not the first time that the 24-year-old had gone on hiatus due to mental health issues.

Last October, just one week before the nine-member band began promotional activities for their second studio album, Eyes Wide Open, she went on a three-month break.

Even after her highly anticipated return in January, she was plagued by an injury sustained last year when she had a herniated disc in her neck.

In a performance in June, she could be seen wincing in pain while doing dance moves and also skipped the live interview afterwards.

Fans voiced their support for her after the news broke and she also posted on Twice’s messaging app Bubble to apologise.

She wrote: “I will rest well and return when I’m healthier and better. I will use Bubble often. Please wait for me.” 

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