Yoo Ah In Sends A Funny Gift To Lee Byung Hun On The Set Of His New Movie

Yoo Ah In sent an astonishing yet funny gift to Lee Byung Hun on the arrangement of “Substantial Utopia”!

Lee Byung Hun is featuring in the film “Substantial Utopia,” another calamity spine chiller about the consequence of a staggering pariah that is approximately founded on the second piece of the webtoon “Blissful Outcast” (“Pleasant Neighbors”). The film likewise stars Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young.먹중소

Other entertainer companions have effectively sent Lee Byung Hun support on set, yet Yoo Ah In took things a bit further. Despite the fact that Yoo Ah In sent the normal espresso truck with a message of help (“The way that you have manufactured as an entertainer, I will follow it as well. Hurrah for Lee Byung Hun!”), he likewise sent a standard with a secretive QR code.

Examining the QR code prompted a video named “Lee Byung Hun’s unique fan meeting at last heard.” The video includes an interesting video of Lee Byung Hun at a Japanese fan meeting showing his brilliant grin and moving for 30 seconds.

Lee Byung Hun snapped a picture of the espresso truck and wrote in the subtitle, “QR code… ;; Ah In, I’ll drink it well… “

Yoo Ah In is right now shooting the forthcoming heist film “Seoul Vibes,” which as of late stopped work because of three COVID-19 cases among the creation staff.

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