Ivana Alawi, Bretman Rock Make An Appearance In Bella Poarch’s New Music Video For ‘Inferno’

Filipino-American artist and TikTok character Bella Poarch dropped the new music video for her subsequent single “Hellfire” on August 13.

The tune is a coordinated effort with artist and musician Sub Urban, who’s likewise worked with Bella in her first single, “Form A Bitch.”먹튀중개소

The video additionally includes appearances from more than 15 online media characters like Staryuuki, Valkyrae, Pokimane, Bretman Rock, and Ivana Alawi.

On Instagram, Ivana expressed, “Don’t flicker. Did you spot somebody recognizable in @bellapoarch new MV?”

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“Well done, angel! So happy to have had the option to go along with you, in any event, for a fast look,” Ivana added.

Bretman posted a remark on Ivana’s photograph and expressed, “You gobbled this turn upward.”

Bretman, who’s uncovered that he’s Bella’s cousin, expressed, “My sweet cousin Bellinda, I’m so glad for you and thank you for continually having me in your music recordings despite the fact that I need to do fittings from 5704.7 miles away.”

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Bella gave a trigger admonition in the remarks part of the video. She shared, “As a survivor of rape, this melody and video mean a great deal to me. This is something I haven’t been prepared to impart to you right now.”

The artist communicated that it’s difficult for her to discuss the subject yet said she’s presently prepared to share her experience. Bella added, “I chose to put myself out there by making a melody and video with Sub Urban dependent on how I wished my experience went. It’s a dream I wish was valid. I’m anticipating imparting this to all of you.”

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