Gio Reyna Scores But Erling Haaland Grabs Headlines In Dortmund’s Bundesliga Opener

U.S. Public group star Gio Reyna began and scored in Borussia Dortmund’s 5-2 home success against Eintracht Frankfurt to open the club’s 2021-22 Bundesliga season Saturday. Be that as it may, Erling Haaland was by and by the story, considering in each objective with three helps and two counts of his own.

It was a demonstration of solidarity for the title hopefuls as they forgot about a Frankfurt group that completed fifth last season. Albeit the guests quickly evened out on an own objective, the match was never truly close as Dortmund spun out of control to a 3-1 halftime lead and a 5-1 lead by the 70th moment.스포츠토토

Reyna’s objective was the group’s fourth. He polished off a reduction pass from a motivated Haaland:

“I was really sure I was onside; that is the reason I observed,” Reyna said postgame. “I was in the perfect spot at the perfect time. Only sort of expanded the lead. So it’s a significant objective for the group and it was a great idea to have the primary game with an objective. What’s more, we anticipate Tuesday now [a Super Cup match versus Bayern Munich].”

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The objective was Reyna’s 10th for Dortmund and his fifth in the Bundesliga. The 18-year-old American’s last objective for the club came in April in another disproportionate home win, that time against Werder Bremen.

Dortmund’s next match will be the previously mentioned German Super Cup meeting with Bayern Munich, trailed by a Saturday association match at Freiburg. The club will finish off August with a home match against Hoffenheim before Reyna apparently joins the USMNT for World Cup qualifiers in September.

The cost for the 21-year-old Haaland will just ascent going on like this.

He kept on showing why he’s quite possibly the most sought after advances in worldwide soccer by adding to his stunning objective scoring all out. He has contributed to every one of the eight objectives scored by Dortmund in its two authority matches of 2021-22. He scored each of the three in the DFB Pokal German Cup prevail upon third-division side SV Wehen Wiesbaden.

His vocation numbers for the club are eye-popping. It’s no big surprise he’s being connected with every one of the huge clubs, including Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona:

Albeit the Norwegian’s agreement with Dortmund runs until June 2024, it is accepted a delivery statement for just shy of $100 million will initiate in June 2022. The German side has not been eager to engage admirers. It procured him from Austrian side Red Bull Salzburg in December 2019 for an exchange charge answered to be about $22 million.

“Nothing more needs to be said. It’s a decent day to have the fans back,” Haaland said. “Today was not difficult to be roused. I had goosebumps when we went out [on the field]. It was stunning to play before fans today. It’s free inspiration and I missed them a great deal.”

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