5 Korean Stars Who Could Have Been Olympians? Song Joong-ki And Song Hye-kyo Were Both Skaters, Plus 3 More Famous Former Athletes

In any case, did you realize that five Korean would-be Olympians left on altogether different profession ways all things considered? As we get amped up for the last seven day stretch of the Olympics, meet five K-pop and K-show stars who might have contended in the Games – and conceivably even left with a gold award.

Melody Joong-ki: short-track speedskating

With the achievement of the 2021 K-dramatization Vincenzo, we have been seeing Song Joong-ki all over … However, did you realize that we might have seen him in the Winter Olympics? In addition to the fact that he is a gifted entertainer and an alum of one of the top business colleges in Korea, he can add sports to his rundown of abilities as well – explicitly short-track speedskating.먹튀중개소

He skated for a very long time before his vocation lamentably finished with a physical issue. In any case, he experienced the universe of speed skating again as an entertainer, as one of the main jobs he played was that of a gold medallist speed skater in the 2009 K-Drama, Triple, where he acted close by Min Hyo-rin.

Melody Hye-kyo: figure skating

In an imaginary world, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo may have run into each other regardless of whether they hadn’t co-featured in Descendants of the Sun. Melody Hye-kyo was additionally a colder time of year sports competitor, skimming nimbly around the arena as a professional skater. She prepared from junior school through center school and – who knows – might have gotten the “sovereign of figure skating” rather than “sovereign of K-dramatization” had she proceeded.

Park Bo-gum: swimming

Could we have seen Record of Youth’s Park Bo-gum as the “marine kid” – so nicknamed for enrolling in the Korean naval force – addressing South Korea in the Olympics? The K-dramatization star really used to be a swimmer up until center school.

So Ji-sub: swimming

So Ji-sub obviously has the constitution of a competitor, with his wide shoulders and long, solid arms and legs, so it’s not shocking that he was once a cutthroat swimmer and water polo player before he appeared as a model and entertainer. He swam breaststroke and contended in public level contests.

Kim Yo-han: taekwondo

Among this line-up of Korean stars, we likely would have had the most elevated shot at seeing K-pop symbol Kim Yo-han in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, in the event that he had not stopped taekwondo. The star, who became known through the Korean endurance unscripted TV drama Produce 101, rehearsed the game for a very long time, coming from a “taekwondo family” with his dad and two more youthful sisters preparing in taekwondo as well.

In late unscripted TV dramas, Kim has even flaunted his taekwondo abilities along with his sisters.

This article initially showed up on the South China Morning Post , the main news media providing details regarding China and Asia.

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