‘SNS King’ BTS V’s ‘Butter’ Photoshoot Pics Set Instagram Record With Over 8M Likes

Instagram denoting another record as the main Korean celeb (BTS Weverse)

Kim Taehyung also known as BTS V has been catching hearts worldwide as a definitive ‘visual’ of South Korea and his most recent Instagram record just demonstrates the effect that the Grammy-selected super-bunch part has made on his worldwide being a fan. The 26-year-old ‘Snow Flower’ singer who as of late moved worldwide for his Louis Vuitton runaway presentation is the new ‘SNS King’, BTS ARMY has pronounced.

Frequently called ‘Greek God’, Kim Taehyung is known for sharing ‘V cuts’ from different photoshoots of BTS which cause an online media storm each and every time. In any case, this time, it is Kim Taehyung’s prevalence on Instagram that has left fans in amazement. The vocalist who intensely wore a denim skirt and cowhide coat for the ‘Margarine’ idea photoshoot gathered more than 8 million preferences on one as well as two of his new Instagram photographs.안전놀이터

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BTS V denotes another Instagram record with his ‘Margarine’ idea shoots (BTS Weverse)

As indicated by a Kim Taehyung fanbase, BTS V turns into the principal South Korean big name to have different Instagram photographs with 8 million preferences. The fanbase shared, “Kim Taehyung turns into the First and Only Korean demonstration in history to have different posts with over 8M likes on instagram. Congrats Taehyung! SNS STAR TAEHYUNG!”

The first and second photographs of the ‘Sweet Night’ singer had a place with the new ‘Spread’ period. In the subsequent photograph, he donned a tulle top and a cowhide coat with a denim skirt which was parted for the photoshoot.

The main ‘Spread’ photograph which left BTS ARMY heaving for breath shows Taehyung wearing a Gender-nonpartisan cap and brilliant rimmed specs and a white tulle top. The ethereal snap made the Billboard Hot 100 clincher artist pattern worldwide and justifiedly so! Investigate the snap beneath.

What’s more, another V page announced, “Taehyung is Google’s most looked through icon in Korea this year and will before long get another record 8 million preferences for his idea photograph on Instagram, turning into the lone Korean demonstration to accomplish this on numerous occasions! Join in saluting Tae when this is accomplished!”

Aficionados of the adored BTS performer participated in different web-based media patterns to commend the new record of V. A fan spouted, “THE KING MAKING AN IMPACT! SNS STAR TAEHYUNG!” Another fan legitimately added, “Taes continually arriving at another degree of global control!” Another ‘pleased’ fan tweet read, “That is the manner by which Kim Taehyung does it ! He basically has accomplishment in his sleeves, drawing out the best of him each time and continually demonstrating to the world how his name is the one meriting unlimited applause and love. Congrats taehyung!”

Kim Taehyung will be seen next in BTS’ most current track ‘Authorization to Dance’ where the heart breaker has brandished a running ‘cattle rustler’ look among others. Watch the music video underneath. Reveal to us your #1 look of Kim Taehyung in the remarks.

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