Ku Hye Sun Talks About A New Self-directed Film That Is About The Theme Of Women

South Korean entertainer Ku Hye Sun as of late discussed her re-visitation of acting with her self-coordinated film Dark Yellow.

There was a unique screening and question and answer session for Dark Yellow at the 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN) on Jul 11. The entertainer showed up as both the featuring entertainer and movie’s chief.

She was joined by her co-stars Ahn Seo Hyun, Yeon Jae Hwan and Yoon Hyuk Jin. Dim Yellow was composed by Ku Hye Sun and it is her 10th task as a chief and her first film job since the 2017 short film Father’s Sword.먹튀사이트

Dull Yellow recounts the tale of an in a yellow lady bloom shop and what happens when a weird man looks into her and begins to attack her private space. It is about female force through yellow and faces with the viewpoints and perspectives of men who detest or disregard ladies, as revealed by Soompi.

Ku Hye Sun remarked, “I made the film through this point of view because on the grounds that I thought it’d be useful to comprehend the two people.” She clarified, “Growing up as a lady, I thought, ‘What is there that makes me inconsistent with men?’ After pubescence, my actual strength didn’t improve, however men developed further. I think I created dread and a feeling of inadequacy simultaneously.”

Ku Hye Sun is acting and coordinating in Dark Yellow. Picture: Instagram

She proceeded, “Instead of needing to intentionally make a ladies’ film, I depicted the viewpoint that ladies unavoidably have. By making this film, I needed to comprehend the two ladies and men.” She likewise said, “I needed to talk about the self-loathing we have on the grounds that we’re ladies. Rather than defaming others, we simply fault ourselves, and I thought it was important to portray that.”

Ku Hye Sun’s co-stars additionally talked about her work as a chief. Ahn Seo Hyun remarked, “The chief [Ku Hye Sun] I met during our gathering felt like a neighborhood unnie. She was amicable and simple to converse with. It seemed like having a companion. On set, her picture as a chief was substantially more expert, and she was consistently bustling given the number of positions she had. I saw her going around. I felt that she’s coolest while accomplishing her own work.”

Yeon Je Hwan additionally shared, “Since she’s both an entertainer and a chief, she unquestionably comprehended the entertainers’ viewpoints more. She additionally offered answers for my interests in an agreeable manner. At the point when I asked about the course, she would answer me generous so I truly preferred that.” Yoon Hyuk Jin commented, “I just considered her to be TV as a big name, yet when I read the content, it was so methodical, and I was amazed at how well it was composed. I believed that she was additionally an expert individual on set.”

The post Ku Hye Sun discusses another self-coordinated film that is about the subject of ladies showed up first on The Independent Singapore News.

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