Penthouse 3: War In Life Episode 4 – Will Yoon-hui Die After Learning Seok-kyung Is Su-ryeon’s Real Daughter

The genuine Dan-tae was misidentified as Baek Jun-gi (On Joo-wan) and conceded in a mental ward. Presently, the man whose personality Dan-tae took is back for vengeance. Obviously, it was Logan who had discovered reality and brought the genuine Dan-tae over to S.Korea in Penthouse 3: War in Life.

Following Logan’s (Park Eun-seok) passing, the one who is at present living as Jun-gi gets support from Su-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah) to remain by Dan-tae’s side as a problematic thistle.

While Dan-tae is battling to manage Jun-gi and his better half, who is out to get back at him in Penthouse 3: War in Life, Yoon-hui is following the tracks that lead to the one who was paid by Dan-tae to relinquish her own kid.신규사이트

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She understands that Dong-pil, who was captured for the demise of this lady, might not have submitted the homicide all things considered. Rather than examining this quietly, Yoon-hui concludes that the most ideal choice is to make a scene before Dan-tae. She cross examines Dong-pil and pushes him to a corner in Penthouse 3: War in Life scene 4.

Notwithstanding perceiving how reluctant he is, Yoon-hui keeps on pushing him. She additionally has her hands on target that Logan has abandoned in Penthouse 3: War in Life. Notwithstanding, is that actually the cash that she has been utilizing to get back at Dan-tae?

She additionally appears to have gotten what she needed. Dan-tae comes looking for her and that is the point at which she assembles every one of her theories. She asks him where the Seol-ah’s twin is, and contemplates whether he killed the kid very much like how he killed Su-ryeon’s first spouse in Penthouse 3: War in Life.

She pushes Dan-tae enough to make him fume with outrage and reports that she will be the individual to achieve the demise of Su-ryeon. He had attempted to come discover her in order to caution her away from researching a previous case.

Notwithstanding, he left parting with a lot of data in Penthouse 3: War in Life scene 4. This scene additionally enhances the way that Yoon-hui has consistently been on Su-ryeon’s side. Nonetheless, after Seo-jin’s fit, will Su-ryeon keep on confiding in Yoon-hui?

Yoon-hui has been given the cash by Logan toward the start of Penthouse 3: War in Life, so she can utilize it to track down the twin who he accepts could in any case be alive. In any case, right now, she isn’t sure if the twin is alive. Just Dan-tae knows about the way that the twin is alive. Could this be Seok-hoon (Kim Young-dae) or Seok-kyung (Han Ji-hyun)?

All things considered, this show is known to conceal reality on display. Be it the arrival of Su-ryeon, or the individual who killed Seol-ah – every last bit of it was for the crowd to discover on display.

Yoon-hui contemplates whether Seok-kyung could be Su-ryeon’s genuine little girl, particularly when she hears that Dan-tae has enrolled the Penthouse and different things that he moved utilizing Su-ryeon’s true stamp to his name and that of his child, Seok-hoon. In any case, the person who took the stamp was Seok-kyung in Penthouse 3: War in Life scene 3.

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So shouldn’t he enroll it in her name rather than the child who abhors him? That is the thing that pushes Yoon-hui to run a DNA test in Penthouse 3: War in Life scene 4.

At the point when Dan-tae catches wind of Yoon-hui’s activities, his uneasiness demonstrates that Yoon-hui’s doubts were in fact right. Likewise, the motivation behind why the one who surrendered her girl was killed was on the grounds that she had discovered reality with regards to everything.

She had learned it through her associations with individuals who knew Na Ae-kyo (Lee Ji-ah). Turns out Ae-kyo had never brought forth twins. It is on the grounds that she knew an excess of that Dan-tae had killed her.

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Yong-pil had risked upon the scene and was approached to help Dan-tae. Notwithstanding, everybody knows what a slime ball Dan-tae is. Thus, obviously, he got Yong-pil to assume the fault for him. Presently that Yoon-hui has taken in reality, will Dan-tae focus on her next?

In the wake of having managed Dan-tae once, Yoon-hui has gotten more cautious. That is the way she learns reality, yet before she could advise Su-ryeon, notwithstanding, everybody gets occupied with Eun-byeol’s (Choi Ye-canister) occurrence.

Ro-na (Kim Hyun-soo) and Seok-hoon, who discover that Eun-byeol is being tormented by Ms. Jin, wind up aiding Eun-byeol escape in Penthouse 3: War in Life. Be that as it may, Seok-kyung finds out about this, and vestiges their arrangement by coming clean to Ms. Jin.

Ms. Jin went to Dan-tae for help in the wake of capturing Eun-byeol once more, and this time, he manipulated her too in Penthouse 3: War in Life. Nonetheless, before he could complete his arrangement, Yoon-hui wound up saving Eun-byeol by heading out in the vehicle that she was kept in.

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