Five Burning Questions: BTS Spend Second Week At No. 1 With ‘Butter’

Subsequent to appearing at shaft position on the Hot 100 a week ago, this week “Margarine” spreads to a second week on top — figuring out how to hold off a great field of challengers, including Olivia Rodrigo’s past graph clincher “Great 4 U” and Dua Lipa’s long-battling “Suspending” (highlighting DaBaby). It’s simply the second of the gathering’s four No. 1s to go through numerous weeks on top, following the three-week rule of “Explosive,” the gathering’s first English-language single, in 2020.안전놀이터

Which of the two will at last be the greater melody? Also, what exercises can be taken from the gathering’s prosperity? Bulletin staff members examine these inquiries and more beneath.

  1. In addition to the fact that BTS debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 a week ago with “Spread,” yet they keep up their situation in the tune’s second week against solid rivalry. What does it say about the melody or potentially BTS themselves that they’re ready to keep up such situating?

Rania Aniftos: It hardens BTS as a genuine part in the U.S. Market that is digging in for the long haul, demonstrating that the achievement of “Explosive” was certifiably not a one-time fortunate turn of events. While BTS is gifted and the actual tune is infectious and simple to like, we likewise need to recognize the power that is the ARMY. I’ve never seen a more committed fan base, so it’s nothing unexpected that they’re a central point in guaranteeing BTS’ proceeded with progress.

Katie Atkinson: To make a big appearance at No. 1 is no joking matter, demonstrating there’s monstrous interest around a pristine melody, yet to remain there a subsequent week is considerably greater. The arrival of the “More sizzling” remix helped, yet it seems like the greatest marker of the track’s developing revenue is the 24% knock in radio airplay. This isn’t only a superfan-driven achievement; it’s a standard hit.

Anna Chan: Speaking as a matter of fact, this is a melody that make your day (see what I did there?) with rehashed tunes in, so I’m not astonished that “Spread” has clutched the best position. In any case, you can’t reject that the folks of BTS are demonstrating themselves to be the absolute most focused in the business, doing everything to advance this melody, from performing at the Billboard Music Awards to late-night shows to morning shows and the three – three!!! — remixes in only fourteen days. What’s more, it appears to be the harder they work to provide for ARMY, the more ARMY reimburses them through unquestioning help, coming about in one more week on the Hot 100.

Jason Lipshutz: With their enormous social after, stunning live shows and assortment of No. 1 collections, BTS was at that point the greatest pop gathering on the planet now a year ago. However what they exhibited in the course of recent months — first “Explosive” turning into the primary K-pop single to arrive at the highest point of the Hot 100, then, at that point two more BTS tunes (just as a BTS remix of “Savage Love”) streaking to the highest point of the outline — is that their rambling fan base can yield graph besting melodies also. Now, every new BTS single should be considered in dispute to top the Hot 100 — on account of the might of the Army, which has been unflagging in its help of BTS, and has just developed in the course of recent years.

Andrew Unterberger: The melody’s streaming and radio presence in only two brief weeks is obviously amazing, however it stays the ARMY’s eagerness to keep dishing out for downloads of “Spread” — just as its different remixes — that truly has the effect. The melody sold 140,000 duplicates a week ago — the tune’s subsequent week, in case we neglect — which is as yet more than 100,000 more than some other non-BTS tune to lead the Digital Song Sales diagram this year has in any multi week. It gives BTS an imposing benefit in any graph race, one that would take an adversary having a genuinely blockbuster execution at streaming as well as radio to survive.

  1. For some, undeniable reasons, “Spread” has attracted correlations with BTS’ 2020 crush “Explosive.” Do you think the single satisfies its archetype? Which melody do you think will eventually wind up the greater hit?

Rania Aniftos: “Spread” certainly satisfies the carefree idea of the past hit and however it’s an extraordinary melody, I will stay with “Explosive” being their greater track. There’s an uncommon thing about it being their first Hot 100 graph clincher that makes “Explosive” especially treasured and memorable in the gathering’s profession. It will keep on being a weakness for BTS fans and the actual gathering.

Katie Atkinson: “Margarine” unquestionably satisfies “Explosive” to say the least, since it carries greater character in with the general mish-mash. “Explosive” was an unquestionable hit, yet it wouldn’t be hard to envision another pop star or gathering handling the melody all things being equal. “Spread,” nonetheless, feels like a BTS melody completely – possibly in light of the fact that, on account of “Explosive,” the mainstream society crowd is better familiar with them. Over the long haul, I figure “Margarine” could be a seriously characterizing hit for the gathering.

Anna Chan: Had you asked this on Day 1, I would’ve said gives over “Explosive” planned to blow “Spread” away. While “Explosive” was immediately appealing, with each tune in, “Margarine” improves and another verse winds up on rehash in my mind. For instance, what stands apart most to me right now from “Explosive” is the tune and the na-na-na-nas. With the most recent single, take your pick, on the grounds that each section adds somewhat more enjoyable to the melody than the last. (Cap tip to giving their mothers the regard that they’re expected!)

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