Scott Disick Gave Out Diamond Jewelry And Rolex Watches As Party Favors At His 38th Birthday Bash

Disick’s visitors, including Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Sia and sweetheart Amelia Gray Hamlin each flaunted the ludicrous precious stone gems they chose from Luxe VVS Jewelers during the birthday slam.

“I’ve never known about this, take home gifts like this. These are Scott’s cute gifts you all. So anybody can simply stroll in — in the event that they’re welcome to the gathering! — and they get [some],” Kim, 40, said in an Instagram Story as she panned across a table canvassed in jewel pieces of jewelry and Rolex watches.토토사이트

“This is the manner by which the Lord does it,” Disick said. “I’m grieved that every other person gives out treats. I give out ice. Furthermore, great ice.”

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Khloé, 36, picked a precious stone encrusted chain jewelry and flaunted the lavish collar on her Instagram Story.

“Take a gander at this jewelry! Luxury VVS Jewelers, is that not to pass on?” the star said. “Ballin’! Take a gander at these precious stones, yes!”

Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Jenner, 65, shared a snap of a gold chain accessory on her Instagram Story stating, “Extraordinary take home gift @letthelordbewithyou.”

Sia picked a jewelry very much like Khloé’s and said it seemed like her “first time being extravagant” when she put it on.

“This jewelry is called crystal fixture. It’s the craziest thing. I’ve worn nothing like them in my entire life,” the pop star said while flaunting her accessory and jewel covered watch. At that point she tongue in cheek started singing her own hit single, “Crystal fixture.”

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Story proceeds

“I’m going to swing from a ceiling fixture! I’m going to swing from this! Would i be able to swing from this?” Sia snickered while lifting up the shining jewelry.


Disick’s better half Hamlin, 19, talented her man a Harley Davidson bike for his birthday and consequently, she selected a blinged-out jewel wristband as her take home gift.

Amelia Gray Hamlin/Instagram

A month ago, Hamlin flaunted her adoration for Disick by showing a white beaded arm band that read “Scott” across it in a short Instagram Story video.

Amelia Hamlin Instagram

A source recently disclosed to PEOPLE that Disick — who imparts three youngsters to ex Kourtney Kardsahian — is “quitting any funny business” with Hamlin. “He’s been advising companions the amount she intends to him and how into her he is,” said the source, adding that the couple doesn’t “feel” the 18-year age hole between them.

Disick and Hamlin were first connected in October 2020 when they were seen strolling affectionately intertwined on the sea shore in Santa Barbara. After two months, they visited a few homes recorded available to be purchased in Los Angeles. In February 2021, the pair made their relationship Instagram official on Valentine’s Day.

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