Bonhams Bonmont Sale Auction Highlights – Lamborghini Veneno Sells For £6.8m

The humble community of Cheserex in Switzerland was host to a fabulous, no-saves deal at the end of the week, held by widely acclaimed sales management firm Bonhams. The deal saw an immense range of metal sell from simply over £10,000 to nearly £7million.

Driving the charge was a 2014 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, number seven of only nine vehicles made, and completed in a somewhat procured spec. Grayish outside paint total with the first proprietor’s initials on the hood and entryways, a beige inside, and obviously, chrome wheels, put it aside from the eight other Veneno Roadsters.

First revealed on the deck of a plane carrying warship for the brand’s 50th commemoration, it sports a 740bhp 6.5-liter NA V12 – that is more force than the Aventador whereupon it’s based gratitude to bigger admissions and another exhaust. 일본야동

This vehicle had quite recently 325km on the clock and brought an eye-watering £6.8m, a premium of around £3.6m over its generally stunning £3.2m cost when new.

Koenigsegg Regera sets new 0-248-0mph record

Selling for £3.7m was a Koenigsegg One:1, a model suitably named after its ability to-weight proportion. Some 1360bhp are answerable for simply 1360kg, furnishing it with some obviously breathtaking exhibition figures. Being one of only six at any point made and perusing just shy of 600km on the odometer, it got a close £1.5m premium over its cost when new.

As you would envision, vehicles, for example, these don’t regularly come available to all, making this deal an intriguing aide for exactly how much the limited handful will pay for specific models in 2019. Take this Ferrari Enzo, for instance, a 21,000km model completed in Modena Yellow – it sold for an extremely solid £2.5m contrasted with the £1.8m of its replacement, the LaFerrari, likewise in the deal.

As though one incredibly uncommon, restricted run V12 Lamborghini wasn’t sufficient, the deal additionally saw a Reventon Roadster go through its hands. The 2010 model was one of only 15 at any point assembled, had 2400km on the clock and sold for £1.6m.

Should you have any grip of the worth of the world’s generally sought-after hypercars, it might come as a shock to hear that a Porsche 918 Spyder sold for a similar sum (£1.27m) as an Aston Martin One-77, a fundamentally more extraordinary model with a normally suctioned V12 under the cap. Maybe crossovers aren’t so terrible all things considered…

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