Son Ye-jin’s Net Worth: How Rich Is Hyun Bin’s Girlfriend?

Child Ye-jin is one of the well known entertainers in the South Korean media outlet. She appreciates a major fan following among both TV and film crowds.

Child Ye-jin’s JourneyAfter loaning a voice to Jung Mi-jo in Park Ki-hyung’s film Secret Tears in 2000, she began doing lead jobs in Delicious Proposal, Sun-hee and Jin-hee, and Great Ambition. Her first significant flick im Kwon-taek’s Chi-hwa-seon and motion pictures, for example, Lovers’ Concerto and The Classic gave her bunches of progress. 일본야동

Her East Asia: A Moment to Remember ended up being the greatest hit in the cinema world and more than 2 million tickets were sold. By 2006, she had gotten the most generously compensated entertainer in Korean TV industry by getting KRW 50 million (or more motivating force) per scene. She played the lead job in SBS show Alone in Love.

Hypnotized, The Tower, The Pirates, and The Last Princess are a portion of the movies hits that took her prominence higher than ever. Likewise, her TV programs like Something in the Rain and Crash Landing on You have just assisted her with building up herself as one of the main entertainers in the Korean media outlet.

InvestmentsSon Ye-jin is known for having sound information on property speculation. A year ago, she obtained a US$14.4-million business working in July 2020. It is situated in the upscale Gangnam region of Seoul. She paid US$4 million in real money and took a US$10.4 million credit to purchase the property, guarantees a report on SCMP site.

The 39-year old cleared the total advance by September 2020 which doesn’t come as an amazement considering the income that she acquires from her work and supports. The entertainer is presently acquiring US$39,650 every month as lease from the structure and has effectively gotten a store expense of US$441,000, the report adds.

In 2015, she had bought a US$8.2-million structure which is situated in Mapo-gu region. She sold the property for around US$12 million out of 2018.

As indicated by 100 Home Studio, a YouTube channel about inside plan, she claims top notch decorations, and the house is loaded up with costly things brought from across the globe. It is assessed that she possesses furniture worth US$185,000 in her family room.

Compensation and Net Worth:As per the reports on the web, she orders KRW 130 million, per scene. She acquires about KRW 400-600 million for a film. Additionally, she supports numerous brands and her promoting contract is worth KRW 500-600 million.

Her complete total assets is assessed to be around US$20 million.

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