Granada’s Diego Martinez Has Man United In His Sights After Working Magic At Tiny La Liga Club

Briefly, Granada chief Diego Martínez is a child once more. In excess of a second, truth be told; the energy that floods with the recollections is the very excitement that drives him day by day. On the off chance that he is a football director now, it is on the grounds that he was fixated on football at that point. It is on the grounds that he actually is. Thus here he is at Granada’s preparation ground, and there he is as well: in Galicia, a little kid encompassed by stickers, the countenances and names that shaped him.

“My auntie had a [news stand],” he says, “and she would save me all the stuff. I’d stay there with every one of those duplicates of Don Balon only for me. Every one of the stickers. The games papers. Those class manuals.” 안전놀이터

“I recall Italia ’90, I imagine that is my first World Cup,” he says and he’s off once more, football flooding back, an hour flying by in the organization of the outlandishly excited man whose group faces Manchester United for the current week.

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Granada are Spanish football’s extraordinary disclosure and as the most youthful mentor in primera, Diego Martínez carried Granada from the second division to the Europa League quarterfinals. Brought into the world in Vigo in 1980, he has made considerable progress, and now he’s returning again to where everything began, which might be the most ideal approach to clarify how this occurred and why.

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